A message from the Chairman & CEO

I’ve always wanted to find work that I can truly enjoy. As the cliche goes, work that you enjoy is not work at all. The PurpleJamm project took years to put together. It is an initiative conceived from a simple idea – use underground musical work (gifts, talents & blessings) to help other people. PurpleJamm is the collaborative work of good hearted people – underground musicians & artists, songwriters, arrangers, recording, sound engineers, tech guys and more.

Music and songs gathered from the ether by our songwriters are given life by our unpublished artists and musicians. The completed songs are then sold to help support non-profit organizations.

This site supports both unpublished artists and humanitarian works that needs consistent sources of funds. Maybe years from now, more underground talents from all over the world will upload their works here to support worthy causes closes to their hearts. And hopefully, their music will help heal the world.

We believe that the world out there will listen to their songs and help. In time, hopefully, collectively, we can make something big to make the world a better place. thank all the artists and all the musicians who made this project possible. Peace and Blessings to you all.

– Mark Trotter

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