Cause Affiliates – Everybody can help


Music is universal. As such, everybody can relate to songs. While humanity is fragmented by belief and caste systems – race, social standing, religion, creed, etc. – there are things in life that unite us. Music is one of those things. A concert gathers a collection of people from different persuasions – all laughing and celebrating life unmindful of issues that traditionally divide them. Therefore, music is one of those things that we can harness to do good. It is a language that unites us as a people.

Causes are universal too. Pains and sufferings by others are something that we feel and identify with. We feel pain suffered by others even if those are just experienced through our senses – pictures that we see, cries that we hear, even sadness that we feel… Awareness compels us to act and help – if acting and helping is within our power.

Purplejamm is the institutionalization of the use of music to help worthy causes. Using original compositions of independent artists that are dedicated to specific humanitarian works, we aim to reach across borders, creed, religion, race and nationality – to allow people to participate solutions. Purplejamm is a solution where a lot of people can participate in – musicians, businesspeople, artists, songwriters, song buyers, listeners, etc.

We also created a “CAUSE AFFILIATE PROGRAM” wherein people can help by simply posting and sharing specific campaigns that we are promoting to the public. By simply “posting and sharing” our banners people can help create awareness that will lead to solutions. The banners that the CAUSE AFFILIATE posts and shared are imbedded with a tracking code that allows the purplejamm system to monitor to sales conversions. Purplejamm have allocated 2.5% from all sales or songs to the CAUSE AFFILIATE. The CAUSE AFFILIATE have the option to keep the amount to themselves or to donate the same to their favorite charitable institutions.

Nothing gives us more fulfillment than in knowing that we helped make the world better by sharing some of ourselves to others. Cause affiliates can be anybody – students, professionals, moms, dads – everybody in all walks of life who believes that we can make a better world through music.