Ang Habilin


“ANG HABILIN” was written in honor of our fallen heroes, SAF44 or the FALLEN 44. The song was not written with the intention of participating in the discussions, politics and or issues related to the tragic event. The song simply is a musical tribute aimed at memorializing our soldiers. SAF44 reminds us that our civilization’s history is littered with felled soldiers who have given their lives in the serve a higher good.

In their honor, purplejamm will be releasing the song for free – to remind people of the ultimate sacrifice of these soldiers. If we can make an arrangement with the families of the Fallen 44 in the future, we may offer the song for sale so that we can provide for them. In the event that such an arrangement is made, the artists have waived all possible earnings from the song for the intended beneficiaries. We are musicians and we offer them gift of song – a much lesser gift that what they have given us, the sacrifice of their lives to protect us – but songs are what we are capable of.

In the meantime, let us offer these soldiers our prayers. May our future generation remember what happened during our lifetime. May this song serve as one of the reminders so that lives can be spared when it is possible.