Even When It’s Late

“ ’ve waited for eternity, for love to come and visit me
I yearned for you unknowingly, you came to me unexpectedly. Beyond impossibilities and laws of immortality…I’ll come even when it’s late, so don’t wait”


Even When It’s Late

I’ll see you at the break of dawn, cause I’ll be leaving soon
I’ll be gone for just a while but I will think of you
I will be missing until dawn…I’ll just hang around the town
Don’t cry cause I’ll be coming late, don’t wait

My life has been around so long, the night is where my life belongs
I’ll stay if that is what it takes, I’ll meddle with my fate
I’m free when twilight starts around me, the dark is just so overwhelming
Don’t cry cause I’ll be coming late, don’t wait…

I’ve waited for eternity, for love to come and visit me
I yearned for you unknowingly, you came to me unexpectedly
Beyond impossibilities and laws of immortality
I’ll come even when it’s late, so don’t wait

It doesn’t matter what we are, just promise me you’ll not be gone
As long as love is in our hearts, no force can keep us far apart
Beyond impossibilities and laws of immortality
I’ll come even when it’s late, so don’t wait

Don’t fear, our love will be here
And darkness can’t make our love dim
In time I will feel your embrace, then we’ll soar through time and space


I’ve never had any formal education in music. I would have but my Mom dissuaded me from my dream of attending music conservatory right after high school. I still remember her words: “we do not have the financial capability to support a choice that cannot help our family.” I was then persuaded to study engineering because of my parallel interest in and love of mathematics and physics. I attended graduate school of business and became an entrepreneur after that – a chapter that was financially satisfying but devoid of emotions and sentiments.

Perhaps it’s the meaningless pursuit of wealth or maybe it is that initial displacement that made me choose to become a nomad, traveling the world in search for myself, meaning and answers to questions I can’t even form in my mind. I made myself believe that life is about experiences and not about degrees turned into labels and professions that lock people up into unemotional zombies.

That initial displacement made me fall in love with the journey and the exploration. I valued them more than the destination itself. And it is hard to keep things when you are always on the move…relationships, people, friendships, associations and many more. Being unrooted also means passing by the things that are most important in life. My life became a book of disjointed chapters that are individually interesting at the time they are being lived but seemingly incoherent now…at hindsight.

I remember canceling a time that I’m suppose to spend with someone I love to go scuba diving at the middle of a storm…preferring the caress of the turbulent winds and seas to the gentle touch of a beloved human being. The addiction with that feeling of invincibility that you get when you challenge the forces of nature itself and come out victorious. Unmindful of the fact that the false victory only exist in your mind. A fix that only last in obscure memories that seem to be fading with time. I still vividly remember her face and expression while she was asking me to stay…I forgot the dress she was wearing and I use to have even that sketched in my mind. I still cannot comprehend my foolishness. Was it arrogance, a false sense of immortality associated with youth? Or perhaps, I’m just overthinking my own stupidity. I heard that she is all settled and happy now…and I’m alone.

And now I know those chapter are irrelevant even to myself while it’s incoherence continues to invade my mind. I know that the more than five lives I’ve lived in my different chapters are actually zero at the end of the book. I know like a song, I’ll end someday. I wish my last chapter would feature me writing a song. I hope I get to choose the last note and the way it will be played. I hope in the last chapter…I get to experience the joys with music I had as a child again – simple, innocent and pure – untouched by the scars I have accumulated in my journeys. But I know too that that’s not possible…and that songs and scars are all that I will have…in the end.

“Even When it’s Late” was written because of a request of a friend. It was written to be a vampire love song. I know deep in my heart of hearts…the song is so much more.


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