I Will Remain

“And when there is none and everything is gone, I will remain so that you’ll have someone to hold”


I Will Remain

Darkness will come
Darkness will go
But I will remain
To give you everything I know

All will become
Tired to belong
But I will remain
And this is what my love can show

‘Cause I Love You
I Love You…I love you…I love you

And when there is none
And everything is gone
I will remain
So that you’ll have someone to hold

Ages will come
Ages will go
But I will remain
Until time itself is lost

Posters in the subway

Posters. This song started years before I even wrote it at the Powell Train Station in the City of San Francisco, CA. I was waiting for the train and the posters placed on the walls hit me hard. They were posters about Darfur and they feature emaciated children in squalid conditions. I wrote the first song about them as soon I got home. It was titled “Tears of Angels” – a song I haven’t had the chance to finish recording as of this writing more than a decade after…I just can’t seem to find the right mix. It almost feels like recording the song would put a stop to an almost forgotten but still evolving story. Those children, at least those who survive, are still living somewhere. People stopped paying attention but they are still with us bearing the scar inflicted upon them years ago.

A few years ago, I wrote “I Will Remain” with those same children in mind. The news cycle have long since buried the story but they were still etched in my mind. They still are, to be honest. To this day.

A couple of years ago, I used the song to create a simple video of students from Foothill College to document a humanitarian mission that they did in Asia. Like a lot of my songs, thematically written or not, I dedicate “I Will Remain” to all the children of the world. Those living with loving families and those who brave the elements without roofs above their heads. If you will have a chance to listen to this song, hug you child or love one…and think of those who doesn’t have anybody to embrace them. They should all remain in our hearts.


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